Web Design Services

Prospects visit websites to learn more about businesses, brands, products and services and to make business transactions. If you do not have a website, the question is not whether you need one, it's how fast we can build it! In today's world having a website is 100% necessary for 99% of all business owners. Since all Internet marketing efforts drive traffic to a website, having a quality site is central to marketing success.

  • If you're just starting a business, a website needs to be part of your business plan.
  • If you already have a website, it may need a redesign to leverage new technology, make it mobile responsive, or give it a fresh look that keeps up with the times.

Our Web Design Services include base packages that cover core client needs and add ons that do just about everything else.

Item descriptions below :

Package Name





Project Manager
Design Free Theme Free Theme from marketinghelper.net Custom Custom
Content Integration up to 5 pages up to 10 pages up to 10 pages up to 40 pages
Menu Structure Fixed Flexible Flexible Flexible
Social Media Links Links Feed Feed
Contact Form 3 fields 3 fields 5 fields 5 fields
Mobile Responsive, WordPress CMS, SEO Ready
Hosting & Backup Hosting & Backup Provided Hosting Migration & Backup Hosting Migration & Backup Hosting Migration & Backup
Analytics and Webmasters
Starter Site Bonus Pack: Draft content writing & logo production X X X
Revision Rounds X 2 4 4
Post Migration Guarantee X
Security Setup X X
eCommerce Ready X X X
Shopping Cart System X X X
Product Entry X Up to 50 products

Package Description

For the Starter Package, you can choose one of our basic themes in one of several standard color pallets. The site's fixed structure of five standard pages is perfect for small businesses that don't have a web site or want to create a new one from scratch. Because it's a simple site, and we directly manage your client, we can deliver it within 30 days of project launch, guaranteed! And we've removed all barriers to closing: If your client doesn't have content we'll write a first draft, if your client doesn't have a logo we'll produce a draft version. All this for fixed price and a quick turnaround.
Premium Themed
The Premium Theme package opens up our very own, in-house theme gallery to use for the website build;


Our themes are professionally designed using powerful frameworks that allow for a lot of customizability. Though you are limited to the general layout of the theme, it's possible to change out colors, widget areas, and more importantly; it allows for the addition of functions that would otherwise be unavailable with the Standard Theme package.
The Custom package will open the door to designing your site anyway you want. We will start with first creating a mockup for you and we will actually build your site for you from the ground up based on that mockup.

If you have a very specific design in mind, and you are unsure or cannot find a theme - the Custom package allows us to design and create a completely unique site for you.
Ecommerce sites are unique in that they can directly generate revenue. There are many factors to consider when building ecommerce sites and they can range from moderately simple to impossibly complex. This package is based on commonly requested features.

Package Components

Sales Consulting, Project Manager
Our specially trained Web Design Experts are available for all your costing and technical consulting needs. If your client has any questions about our services - we will be able to help you answer them.

You will be assigned a project manager and will communicate with you on the progress and milestones of your project and will receive the required information from you.
Every websites starts with a design. WordPress offers an easy way of designing sites through the use of Themes. These are pre-designed templates, usually with several customizable options.

There are literally thousands of themes available, some good and some bad. We suggest using our themes (www.marketinghelper.net) because we are good at what we do. It's also possible to create a theme from scratch if you don't find one that is suitable to your taste.
Content Integration
Your site needs to have content, and you'll need to provide the content to us. Each of our packages allows for a certain set number of pages where your content will go, and it is possible to purchase more pages if needed.
Social Media
Social media is fast becoming a very powerful marketing tool and it would be wise to make use of these by connecting your social media accounts to your website. We can add links to your social media sites, or we can also implement a feed on your site which automatically gets updates whenever you post something on Twitter or Facebook.
Contact Form
Make sure your clients can contact you. A contact form is a way for clients to show you their interest and is a way to make your site interactive. If a site user has something to say, they can say it through the contact form, which will then get emailed to an email address of our choice.
Mobile Responsive, WordPress CMS, SEO Ready
60% of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices and all that traffic is wasted if your site is not mobile responsive. Mobile Responsive sites will automatically adjust its layout to conform to the device that it is being viewed from.

Our WordPress Content Management System is a powerful engine that allows you to modify and change the contents of their site without needing to know all the technical details of website creation which allow for fast and easy deployments.

Our sites are not yet SEO optimized out of the door but we have a separate set of services for that which will make the implementation of on-page optimizations much easier and much faster.
Hosting Migration, 3 Month Backup
We will first build the site on our own development servers. Once the site is finished we will transfer the completed site to the hosting provider of your choice and will connect all the wires to ensure that it is up and running.

We will keep a backup of your entire site build in our Dev servers. In the event that you need to restore your site to the original state, that backup will be available for you for up to 3 months time.
Mobile & Cross-Browser QA
There are a lot of different screen dimensions and browser types in use, and a site can look different in each combination. We will test your site and make sure that all the design elements are the same throughout for each of the top 5 browsers in the market at the most common screen resolutions, from mobile phone to desktop.
Post Migration Support
Once your site is live, you may find that you missed something, or there's an error somewhere. Our post-migration support gives you the ability to get back to us and we'll make those minor changes / fixes for you.
Analytics and Webmasters
Google Analytics gives you valuable information on your site visitors than you can use to properly optimize your web presence. We can install and setup this function on your site so that you will have access to this information.
We build out our themes using the Genesis Framework, which is extremely powerful.
Security Setup
Protect your site from would be hackers! Some very simple precautions can prevent most casual hacking attempts. Our protection systems can protect your site from malicious code and will notify you if something is amiss.
eCommerce Ready
Make your site an online store! Generate revenue directly from your site. We can make your site eCommerce ready that will have you raking in overflowing cash.
Shopping Cart System
Make shopping for your customers convenient! With the Shopping Cart System, your customers will be able to select and make multiple purchases from your site easily. And the more they buy, the better it is for your revenue.
Product Entry
Showcase your Products! We can populate your eCommerce system with your product offerings. Save time from putting in those hundreds of products and let us do it for you.

Add Ons

Get exactly the site you need with a range of Add-Ons from design, content, support, performance, social, and more:


Page Content (Data entry)

Want to update your site? You can add content through the WordPress Content Management System, using an already existing page layout. This includes things like adding blog posts, pdf's, images, and new pages in the navigation (provided that we copy an existing page's layout).

Page Template

We can create a new page layout. This is for adding in a page with a completely new / different layout from all the other pages. You will be able to use this new page layout to add in more content in the future using the WordPress dashboard.

Product entry (e-commerce must exist)

We can populate your ecommerce system with your product offerings. If you just don't have the time to put in those hundreds of products, let us do it for you.

Image/file upload and integration

We can upload and integrate all sorts of files into your website. Do you have PDF catalogs? Images for your gallery or portfolio? We'll put them all in for you!



Generate Revenue directly from your site! Sell and take payments online! We can create an ecommerce site that will enable you to generate overflowing cash revenue. Just ask your web design consultant so we can cost it out properly for you.


Do you want your site viewers to be able to register or login to you site? Are you giving them access to specific service areas or products that only members can avail of? Do you want to track their information or details? Do you want them to be able to submit information or files to the site? All of this and more can be done - kindly speak to your web design consultant so we can cost it out properly for you.

Testimonial Function

Testimonials are a great way to show potential customers how happy you can make them. Get viewers to put in their own testimonials. Screen your testimonials to make sure you don't get any unwanted spam or bot messages.

Gallery Function

Do you have a lot of photos? Categories and organize them in albums, put up an online gallery where your customers can peruse through your photos with ease.

Custom Post-Type

A custom post-type is a special type of page / post which a specific set of fields. Normally, you will be able to put in a Title, and Content into your site. With a custom post-type, we can create a specific set of fields which will allow you to easily put in content into your site that matches a certain look and layout. You can for example have fields for a recipe, or a business, and these will show up in an organized way without having to do a single word of code.

PayPal Checkout Button

We can embed a PayPal checkout button on your site for you. This is ideal if you are only selling one product. Simply give us the code that is generated by PayPal for you and we'll integrate it into your site.

Directory Listing

A directory listing system will allow site members to put in details about their businesses. Create an online directory and charge your business partners for giving them leads and customers. Be a central hub by giving your site viewers access to the different business partners that you have.

Advanced Form Creation

For complex forms that allows for conditional fields that can also be easily integrated with a variety of third party services i.e., mailchimp, awebber, PayPal, constant contact, freshbooks, and many more.

Automated Language Translator

Instantly translate to Spanish ''Ola!'', French ''bonjour'', German ''Guten Tag'', and many more using Google's language translator.

Alternative Language Input

Have a multilingual site with an accurate language variant. Translate to Spanish, French, German, Italian and many more without worrying on grammatical errors or missed translations.

Social Media Login for Comments

Allow your visitors to comment, login and register with Social Networks i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yahoo, etc...


A social network in a box! BuddyPress allows users to make connection, profiles, message posting, and interact in groups. It enables you to build a community for your company, school, or any niche community.

Forum System

Start conversations and ask questions! Post a topic that you can moderate!

Events Management / Booking and Reservation

Events Management / Booking and Reservation.

Ad Management

Ad Management

Real Estate Listings

Are you selling property? Leasing apartments? Renting out commercial space? This is just the thing for you. Put up your properties online, put in the details, then start marketing them to your clients.



We can design graphic banners for your website homepage. Do you have new promo or a new service? Let your customers know with a nifty new banner image!


Do you want a specific kind of button or icon that you just can find? Have us make it for you!


We can create a hard-coded HTML page, instead of utilizing a Content Management System. This is useful if you want something up very quickly and with static content that will not change. Useful for promos or landing pages which you will be taking down after a certain date.


Do you just want a mockup? Do you want to see what your site will look like first before we start building it? Have us make one for you!


Everything starts with your business identity. You don't have one? Start with a logo! Check out some samples of our high-end logo design services; http://marketinghelper.net/logo/


Rush Service

Need your site build yesterday? If it's important enough to you we'll put extra resources on your project and push it out by a fixed date from when you've provided the required data and digital assets.

General Plugin Install (no configuration or setup)

Have a plugin you want to install? Let us do it for you. We'll check if there's any conflict with existing plugins, and we'll do some basic setup to make sure it works. For large complex plugins that require configurations however, we won't actually configure it for you, such plugins usually have extended functionality that have their own costs (kindly see the "extended add-on" section).

Landing Page

A stand-alone page in a WordPress site with a unique layout design specifically for a certain function. Drive your PPC campaigns or marketing efforts to this landing page to get more conversions. Design a solid user experience which will convert your traffic into sales or leads. You can select from our various landing page templatges from; http://marketinghelper.net/pay-per-click/

WordPress Blog Install

WordPress Security Lockdown

Blog setup (on existing WordPress Site)

Setup a blog on an already existing WordPress site - utilize dynamic content to give you site more credibility.

Site Migration

If you already have a site and you just want to move it to a different hosting provider, then rest easy and just have us do it for you.

Extra revision round

Our website design package come with a default of 2 revision rounds. Sometimes though, especially if you are unsure about the direction you want to move forward with, you may find that you need an additional round of revisions.

3-month Backup and Storage

It's always a good idea to backup your site. If anything goes wrong, rest assured that we have backups in our system and all your hard work was not lost.

Cross-browser compatibility

If you are using an external theme, we can do cross-browser checks to make sure that it will work well for all updated browsers. This already comes with your package if you go with the Premium Themed package and above.

Analytics and Webmasters Installation

Measure your site performance! You need data and information to find out how your site is doing, we can help with that by Installing and registering Google Webmasters and Analytics for your site domain.

Support & Maintenance

Quarterly Website Maintenance

Get up to 4 hours of support every month per quarter! We have completely separate ticketing system which will allow you to give us tasks to update and maintain your site. quick turnaround times, and direct support. If you regularly want to do changes to your site, or put in more content, then this is just the service that you need.

Semiannual Website Maintenance

Get up to 4 hours of Web design support every month, for six months. Perfect for all those small jobs essential to keeping a site fresh, like adding content, WordPress updates, logo change, etc. Plus a 24 hour response time guaranteed!

Annual Website Maintenance

Get up to 4 hours of Web design support every month, for 12 months. Perfect for all those small jobs essential to keeping a site fresh, like adding content, WordPress updates, logo change, etc. Plus a 24 hour response time guaranteed!

Additional 4 hours for Quarterly/Annual Package

If you need additional support hours beyond what was paid for in your Quarterly or Annual Package, you can buy them in 4 hour buckets. Must already have purchased the Quarterly or Annual Package.


Social Media Feed

Make your site dynamic! A widget area can be configured so that you will have a feed (updates) from your Facebook or twitter account directly on your site. This is useful for lending credibility to your site by utilizing social media. Especially if you have a Social Media Campaign running with us.

Speed Optimization

A fast site is a good site. Customers will usually not wait around if your site takes too long to load. We will build and optimize your site load time to make sure it passes Google Page Speed tests. Reduce your bounce rate by making sure your site pages load quickly.

Lead Capture

The heart and soul of any website - make sure that your website isn't just an online brochure. Capture leads for potential customers and give them free offers. Turn your traffic into revenue!

Speed Optimization

A fast site is a good site. Customers will usually not wait around if your site takes too long to load. We will build and optimize your site load time to make sure it passes Google Page Speed tests. Reduce your bounce rate by making sure your site pages load quickly.

All Recommended

Do you want a fast loading website with the ability to receive social media feeds and capture leads to potential customers? Our recommended add-ons are there for a reason; these make the difference between a good website and a great website. Get them all at a discounted price. Save 20% if you get them all!

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